Friday, March 4, 2011

Technology Experiment...stand back

Blogging, never thought I would do it. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself setting margins and picking themes for my public journal. I surprised myself today.

The purpose of this site is to involve others in a quest of a career in the trades.  This is an academic quest. My grandfather Leo Gross would be so proud. He's the one who told me. "If you want to be spoiled, spoil yourself with books." Boy, did I take that to heart. I kept all my novels and text books from undergrad, and keep moving them around with me, for the love of god. Now that I've decided to take an academic approach to the food industry, I've got a wooden chest filled with papers, recipes, menus and guides, the conglomerate all touching the subject of food.

Food is such a complicated topic. Everyone eats, everyone has their favorites, everyone expects different things from their meal. Some people live to eat, and others eat to live. I want this column to appeal to the snobbiest of foodies and the college freshman who makes burnt eggs and frozen pizza.

This, here is the experiment. I'm sure its a learn as you go kind of affair, so hang with me. I realize and accept that I may be talking to no one.  For me, it is in the act of writing where the profundity occurs.

Thanks for reading.
Come back soon.